Food and drinks in Sevilla

Tapas: “snacks, canapés or finger food” originated in Spain. I personally think tapas should be the only food you eat, ever. They’re small, usually very cheap yet delicious, meals and you can get a couple different things without having to pick just one. That’s probably my favorite part about Spanish food. I never know what to pick when reading a menu, so being able to pick more than one dish sounds like heaven to me.

When in Sevilla, eating was probably my favorite moment of the day. I stumbled upon so many wonderful places so I wanted to share my 3 favorite restaurants with all of you.

// Mercado Lonja del Barranco // Calle Arjona | S/N

This place is BY FAR my favorite market I’ve ever discovered. Located right next to the river it has a beautiful location. You can either eat inside or outside, both are equally as lovely. You can eat some of the most delicious meat, seafood, cheese, desserts & vegetables dishes. There were so many different stands I must have walked around this place at least 5 or 6 times. Do I get to mini burgers, or do I get a shrimp salad? Do I go for a cheese plate with a glass of wine or do I eat the traditional patatas bravos with a glass of sangria? DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM?


The tapas dishes are a little bit more expensive but the food you get is hands down some of the best food I feel like you can find in Sevilla. I know, I’m a little too enthusiastic but God, I love this market.

We ended up going there on two different days so I got 3 dishes in total. Prices of the dishes: €3-€4. I got a glass of sangria every time and that was only €2,5!

Definitely go visit their official website and read all about the story of this place. Oh and make sure you have some cash because some stands don’t accept cards if the total amount is less than €6!

// Bar Estrella // Calle de la Estrella, 3

One of my other favorite little restaurants in Sevilla is called Bar Estrella. We almost literally stumbled upon this place when walking towards Aire de Sevilla (incredible arabic baths). Their menu looked great so we had a late dinner here after visiting the Arabic baths. I ordered two dishes (pimiento piquillo relleno de bacalao/cod-stuffed piquillo peppers and pincho de pollo a la plancha/grilled chicken brochette). I paid €6,20 for both dishes… It’s almost a joke. And the portions were HUGE. The service wasn’t perfect, a little friendlier would have been great, but the food was so incredible I didn’t really care about that minor detail.

// Yamazaki // Plaza de la Encarnación

I’m a sushi lover, a massive sushi lover. I could eat it all day, every day and I’d totally be fine with that. The exterior and the terrace of Yamazaki looked so great we just had to have dinner here. The lady serving us was a gem, really nice and helped us out as much as possible in Spanish. I ordered 3 different things, because I was starving. Every sushi roll I had was so good. Very reasonable priced for the quality of the food you get, the amount of food & the service. I definitely recommend going here if you’re hungry & are craving sushi. You can combine grabbing lunch here and visiting the Metropol Parasol, also known as the Giant Mushrooms, the biggest wooden structure in the world.

Are you someone who will try out new things when traveling or do you play it safe and order things you already know?

68 responses to “Food and drinks in Sevilla

  1. Antonella Zammit

    I was in Spain a few months ago! I loved tapas so much! I used to order chicken and little burgers :3
    Oh the memories !

  2. Looks delicious!

  3. Looks amazing! Would definitely try a bit of everything, that’s one of the fun exciting things about travel, tasting different kinds of food!

  4. I’m pretty much starving now! Thanks for that!

  5. I am dying to go to Spain! If I ever end up going I will be sure to remember this post :) xoxo Aleksandra

  6. Everything looks delicious!

  7. Omg I got so hungry seeing this post. Mmmm!

  8. Oh wow, these dishes look so good!

  9. Oooh everything looks good! I usually play it safe when it comes to food if I have no idea what the dish is… I know, so boring! I need to be more adventurous with food :D


    • You should! I discovered some of my favorite dishes this way. I’m not allergic to anything so I can pretty much try everything. I used to hate seafood and I tried so many different dishes all around the world and now I love it!

  10. Great review! I loooove food tasting! It is one of the best things when visiting a country!


  11. Beautiful photos. The food looks delicious

    Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

  12. I was in Seville last April and loved it (and loved tapas)!

  13. shouldn’t be looking at this in the middle of the night! so hungry with all those dishes!!

    Animated Confessions

  14. i totally agree with you about tapas, best food concept ever! i love the photos, everything looks delicious. :)
    love, liz

  15. Food looks so good at the polka dot bottles are adorable!


  16. Wow all these foods look so delicious!! Love how vibrant and bright the colors are :)

    <3 Kat

  17. The food look absolutely mouth-watering! I usually go for safe options when it comes to food but I do get adventurous once in a while!


    • It was delicious, all of it! I wish I could find authentic tapas places here. And getting adventurous while on vacation is definitely a must! I discovered some of my favorite dishes that way!

  18. Oh wow, just looking at all that food is making me hungry! Such great pictures as well! Nom nom, I love sushi as well =)

    Ree // Coffee with Ree

  19. i loveeeeeee the pictures. Echt super super leuk !! Het eten ziet er zoo heerlijk uit, wil echt graag een keertje naar Sevilla X

  20. My gosh that yamazaki looks AMAZING!!!

  21. I love Spain! And you just made me miss it BIG time… I think I need to plan a holiday :)

  22. Love tapas so much, the prawn dishes are always so delicious


  23. Oh wow! That market is beautiful! It makes me want to go and stay there forever!
    I’ve never had tapas, and didn’t even know what it meant until now….oops.

    Kristin // The Peculiar Treasure

  24. I love tapas in spain, going back in a month! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  25. Looks so good, wonderful photos!

    Style by Avery

  26. Wonderful photos! and hey, I nominated you for the Premio Dardos award

  27. All of the food looks so yummy!!!


  28. Mmmm…it all looks so delicious!

  29. All the food looks great. Thanks for sharing and check out the Eye Adore series featuring fashion and eyewear.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  30. This looks just amazing, and Spanish food is one of my favourites. Tapas is always my choice!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  31. I had tapas once in Chicago, and it was a fantastic experience! Obviously nothing that compares to authentic tapas in Sevilla. Your travels look so fun!
    Randi with an i

  32. It looks delicious out there.

    Check my new post.

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