logonaomiinwonderlandstarted out as a travel blog back in February of 2014. But life kind of got in the way. I was very busy with a million different things, or at least that’s what it felt like. Including finishing up college and ironically enough, a lot of traveling. And with a lot, I mean a lot. So I ended up neglecting this blog.

In December of 2014 I re-launched Naomi in Wonderland and I now consider it to be a lifestyle / travel / music  blog. My own little space on the world wide web. I’ll try to be very entertaining & interesting. I will also try to make jokes here & there. I can’t promise you’ll laugh though.

Naomi in Wonderland, after re-launching, now has hundreds of weekly visitors from over 60 different countries. This still blows my mind every single day. I hope I get to continue to blog about things that inspire me & make me happy. That way I hopefully get to inspire some of you.

Thank you for visiting and reading. And also for sending me the most wonderful & thoughtful messages or emails. You da best.