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Cosmopolitan X Levi’s Denim Night in Amsterdam!

I love reading Cosmopolitan, it’s easily one of my favorite magazines around. In their March issue they talked about their new #cosmocommits campaign and their collaboration with Levi’s. Levi’s created a white tee with the catch phrase “This Is What Confidence Looks Like“, matched with of course the perfect pair of jeans. A limited amount of Cosmo readers were invited to be a part of the Special Levi’s Denim Night and I was selected as one of them. (YAY) My best friend Marlies tagged along and we drove to Amsterdam.

The Cosmopolitan X Levi’s Denim night took place at a new Levi’s store (Leidsestraat 8). Right before the evening started I got a huge stain on my black jeans so I awkwardly had to hide that with my long black scarf. Great. You really can’t leave the house with me. Anyway. We were welcomed with snacks & lovely drinks (organic & delicious). The store looks beautiful & very clean. Upon walking in I immediately saw tons of things I loved. A little after 7 we were welcomed by Anne Marije, editor in chief of Cosmopolitan NL. She explained why we were there and they prepared a little presentation for us about strong women. Some beautiful, independent woman were asked to share their opinions on what confidence is to them. Vreneli Stadelmaier recently wrote a new book called “Fuck die onzekerheid” (which pretty much translates into “Fuck insecurity”). She shared some facts (women apologize way too often) with us and introduced her book. Sarah Reinhoudt (from Levi’s) and Sasha Burger (Fashion Director Cosmo)  then talked about finding the perfect fit and Levi’s new 501CT jeans.

While eating delicious snacks I was determined to find the perfect jeans. I always end up picking jeans that (sort of) fit while trying ’em on, but then end up being way too big after wearing them a few times. Or I would buy jeans that would fit, but are too long. For some reason I just can’t seem to find a good pair of jeans. One of the lovely Levi’s employees took one look at me and knew what size I was. I was a bit skeptical because how would it be possible that he needs 5 seconds to figure it out, meanwhile it takes me years. I tried on the High Rise Skinny Ankle and guys, miracles exist. I was wearing the perfect jeans. He just knew straight away what size I was. Needles to say, I was very impressed.

Every Cosmo reader got a 20% discount on everything in the brand new Levi’s store so I was stoked to pick up my new pair of jeans for only 79,96 euros! I love me some discounts. I mean, who doesn’t.

At the end of the evening I left with a stunning pair of new jeans, my “This Is What Confidence Looks Like” Levi’s shirt, a John Frieda conditioner (not too happy about this one because it’s specifically for blondes.. and I’m a brunette..) and the March issue of Cosmopolitan.

Confidence to me means taking risks even when there is a possibility to fail.

“What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly?” – Erin Hanson

What is confidence to you? I am working on a blogpost about confidence and I would absolutely love to feature some of your quotes and what confidence means to you! So please share as many quotes & ideas as possible.

How to pack for vacation

Packing for vacation has always been one of my favorite/least favorite things to do. I used to OVERPACK all the time. Luckily I never had to pay extra for an overweight suitcase but I would end up packing things I wouldn’t even consider wearing while on holiday.

But after all the traveling I’ve done in the past years I’ve gotten quite good at packing my suitcase and I wanted to give you some tips on how to pack!


This is easily the biggest & best tip I can give you. If you plan your outfits you will most likely only bring clothes you actually need & will wear. I used to throw all the clothing items I thought I would wear into a suitcase and it was one big mess. So planning is very essential.


While you’re planning your outfits you might find out that a shirt you want to wear is still in the laundry or a pair of jeans you want to pack are a little dirty. Those extra days give you the time to make sure you have everything you need & you still have time to run to the store if you need to pick up other things.


If you stay at a hotel you will be able to use the things offered at the hotel. If you don’t want to do that and you want to bring your own stuff, buy different, smaller shampoo/hair products bottles. Toiletry ALWAYS seems too weight so much, obviously, and I rather not waist any available space. If you carry around full sized products you will need half of your suitcase just for that. Also, lots of these smaller sized products are small enough to pack in your carry-on! When flying from state to state in the US, or when flying from one country to another in Europe, you pay extra for checked luggage. If you’re only traveling for a week or so, a carry-on suitcase should be enough.


That way, if you can’t find a small sized bottle of your favorite shampoo, you can still fill up a little container with it and tadaaaa. You can find these containers at your local drugstore. I recently bought a few containers myself and I am very happy I finally got these little things.


I usually don’t wear too much make up while on vacation, unless I’m going out, but make sure you make a selection of the make up you do own. I have so many eye shadows laying around and although I use all of them, I have to make a decision of what I really want to carry around and what I want to leave at homeI often pack two make up bags. One very small one I can put in my carry-on and one larger one I put in my actual suitcase. My small one usually contains a mascara, powder, a concealer stick and some eye shadow. Why you may ask? If they do end up losing my luggage I have my basic make up products with me so I don’t have to run to a store to try & find the ones I use while I wait for my luggage to arrive.


I usually travel with both a carry-on, a purse & a checked suitcase. Unless I’m traveling in Europe. But if I do check luggage as well I make sure that my carry-on contains both my make-up bag, one or two outfits, underwear and an extra pair of shoes. The reason for this is simple, like I mentioned before, if they do end up losing your suitcase, you should be okay, because you have an extra outfit in your carry-on, until you get it back.


When packing jewelry I also make sure everything I want to bring matches with my outfits so I don’t carry 20 necklaces around. I have a cute little bag I always bring on vacation with my favorite jewelry items.


I know this might sound a bit silly but I always carry medicine with me. Medicine for headaches, for when you have a stomach ache, … I prefer carrying my own medicine because when traveling to a different country, I either don’t speak the language fluently enough to try & explain what I need (Spain, Germany, Brazil) or I might travel to an area where I might need to drive a little before I find a drug store. I always carry the basic medicine in my purse, so if I have a painful headache while exploring, I can help myself out without needing to go anywhere. I met a few new friends in Sevilla little while ago and they at first though it was funny up until they realized they’d be grateful if I was around when they needed something.


You can buy a little luggage scale and that way you are 100% certain you didn’t overpack and you won’t have to pay extra fees when arriving at the airport. I know you can do this at the airport but if your luggage weighs too much you have to awkwardly unpack and put some things in your purse or carry-on (if possible!) before checking in.


When zipping up, make sure you don’t have any issues because let’s be honest here. They’re not always gentle with your luggage at the airport. If you struggled zipping up your suitcase, it might just break while getting tossed & thrown around. This way you obviously also leave some room for souvenirs!


When traveling outside the country don’t forget to check what plug & socket types there are being used in the country you’re visiting. You can always buy this at the airport but you will guaranteed pay more money there than at home.


Never pack these things in your suitcase, always put this in your carry on. Like mentioned before, they are not really that careful with your suitcase and the things I mentioned are too expensive & valuable. You don’t want to open up your suitcase and notice that your laptop screen is broken.

I hope some of these tips were useful to you! What did I forget, what do you always do when packing? And where are you going to next?

To my heart I must be true: “Chanel N°5 Eau Première” perfume review

I’ve been fascinated by the legendary Chanel N°5 perfume ever since I saw a little bottle years & years ago on the night stand of a friend. Back in college I ended up having to work on a French marketing project and we had to present a certain French product and “(re)-introduce” that product during a festival or event. I chose Chanel N°5 and I’ve been madly in love ever since.

Their commercials are visual pieces of art, whether you like the smell of the perfume or not. Chanel obviously has an endless budget and can create the most magical commercials, but my God, those commercials, they’re so beautiful.

Today I wanted to review the actual Eau Première perfume.

As you can see the bottle I bought today is just a re-fill perfume bottle, it contains 60ml and is (way) smaller than the original one. (Less classy as well). Chanel is, as we all know, definitely not cheap, but considering you literally only need to spray once for an entire day, it’s worth the money.

I prefer the scent of the “Eau Première” compared to the traditional N°5 smell. It’s a little lighter, smells ‘fresher’ and is more suitable for every-day use . It contains all the original ingredients: jasmine (my favorite scent in the world), neroli, rose absolute and ylang-yland. Did you know the Jasmine Chanel uses for their perfume comes from fields Chanel owns in Grasse? Mind is blown.

And to quote Marilyn Monroe: “What do I wear in bed? Why? Chanel N°5 of course”

I also wanted to share their newest commercial for the original Chanel N°5 featuring the stunning Gisele Bündchen. The soundtrack is a mesmerizing cover of “The One That I Want”, originally written by John Farrar, sang by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John  and obviously very well known because of Grease.

What do you think of their newest commercial? Too much or just enough? And are you someone who loves to wear perfume, if so, what’s your favorite fragrance?