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Food and drinks in Sevilla

Tapas: “snacks, canapés or finger food” originated in Spain. I personally think tapas should be the only food you eat, ever. They’re small, usually very cheap yet delicious, meals and you can get a couple different things without having to pick just one. That’s probably my favorite part about Spanish food. I never know what to pick when reading a menu, so being able to pick more than one dish sounds like heaven to me.

When in Sevilla, eating was probably my favorite moment of the day. I stumbled upon so many wonderful places so I wanted to share my 3 favorite restaurants with all of you.

// Mercado Lonja del Barranco // Calle Arjona | S/N

This place is BY FAR my favorite market I’ve ever discovered. Located right next to the river it has a beautiful location. You can either eat inside or outside, both are equally as lovely. You can eat some of the most delicious meat, seafood, cheese, desserts & vegetables dishes. There were so many different stands I must have walked around this place at least 5 or 6 times. Do I get to mini burgers, or do I get a shrimp salad? Do I go for a cheese plate with a glass of wine or do I eat the traditional patatas bravos with a glass of sangria? DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM?


The tapas dishes are a little bit more expensive but the food you get is hands down some of the best food I feel like you can find in Sevilla. I know, I’m a little too enthusiastic but God, I love this market.

We ended up going there on two different days so I got 3 dishes in total. Prices of the dishes: €3-€4. I got a glass of sangria every time and that was only €2,5!

Definitely go visit their official website and read all about the story of this place. Oh and make sure you have some cash because some stands don’t accept cards if the total amount is less than €6!

// Bar Estrella // Calle de la Estrella, 3

One of my other favorite little restaurants in Sevilla is called Bar Estrella. We almost literally stumbled upon this place when walking towards Aire de Sevilla (incredible arabic baths). Their menu looked great so we had a late dinner here after visiting the Arabic baths. I ordered two dishes (pimiento piquillo relleno de bacalao/cod-stuffed piquillo peppers and pincho de pollo a la plancha/grilled chicken brochette). I paid €6,20 for both dishes… It’s almost a joke. And the portions were HUGE. The service wasn’t perfect, a little friendlier would have been great, but the food was so incredible I didn’t really care about that minor detail.

// Yamazaki // Plaza de la Encarnación

I’m a sushi lover, a massive sushi lover. I could eat it all day, every day and I’d totally be fine with that. The exterior and the terrace of Yamazaki looked so great we just had to have dinner here. The lady serving us was a gem, really nice and helped us out as much as possible in Spanish. I ordered 3 different things, because I was starving. Every sushi roll I had was so good. Very reasonable priced for the quality of the food you get, the amount of food & the service. I definitely recommend going here if you’re hungry & are craving sushi. You can combine grabbing lunch here and visiting the Metropol Parasol, also known as the Giant Mushrooms, the biggest wooden structure in the world.

Are you someone who will try out new things when traveling or do you play it safe and order things you already know?

Tea and the wonders it does to your body

I am a huge tea lover. A perfect evening for me consists out of watching a movie or reading a book with a cup of tea in my hand. Tea makes me feel relaxed and I just love the taste of it. Today I want to share some of my favorite teas with you and give you some tips on which tea is good for your body and why! Tea is a gift from God.

I never liked the taste of mint before but I recently started drinking (fresh) mint tea and I am obsessed with the taste. Peppermint tea is the solution for when you’re feeling bloated. I always try to drink peppermint tea with a few leaves of fresh mint. I promise you it will help your bloated feeling disappear.

Green tea
Green tea also helps making that bloated feeling disappear, but green tea is especially essential for helping your metabolism speed up a little bit! If you drink green tea often you should have a bit more energy in general too! Only positive things are connected to this delicious tea. Yum!

This wonder tea helps when you’re having cramps (ladies, drink a few chamomile teas when you’re on your period, it will help you out a little) and helps you fall asleep at night! Chamomile tea also helps when you’re stressed out and has a relaxing effect on you.

Ginger tea
One of my absolute favorite things in this world is ginger, (think about the ginger (also called gari) you get on the side when you’re eating sushi? Gari is young ginger marinated in sugar & vinegar), it’s super healthy and absolutely delicious. Ginger tea  is perfect for a cold winter night. It heats up your body a bit and provides your body with more energy. It also helps to ease your stomach when you’re feeling nauseous. I swear ginger is a miracle spice.

Lemon balm
Feeling stressed? Drink lemon balm tea! Lemon balm is a herb in the mint family. It is also a great anti-viral with tons of relaxing properties. It helps soothing nerves & calms you down you’re hyper & feeling stressed.

What are your favorite teas and why? Please elaborate I want to learn more about it!

PS- decaf teas and/or fresh (you know when you actually need to put the herbs in a little tea infuser) teas are always healthier and I have a few flavors myself as well but I just love Twinings tea, as you can see in the pictures!

Tea, coffee & cake at “De Familie Jansen”

About a week ago I read an article about a coffee (and tea) house in Ostend called “De Familie Jansen“, they won the award for best Belgian Coffee Bar at the Belgian Hospitality Awards 2014. I was immediately intrigued especially because I live about 15 minutes away and I LOVE coffee & tea. I did a bit more research and found tons and tons of positive reviews so today my mother and I had a little coffee date.

The interior is incredible. Very charming & warm. You immediately feel “at home”. We sat down in the cosy chairs and took a look at the menu. My mom ended up getting the “Meneer Jansens” tea and I got the Coconut/Lime coffee (yes the coffee is as great as it sounds). I can’t recall what the ingredients were from the tea since there were so many different ones but ginger was one of them and I’m pretty certain all teas are without caffeine. The teas are served in little teapots as pictured below.

We both got a homemade almond cake, absolutely delicious. After I finished my coffee I wanted to have a refreshing drink and I got a lovely Fentimans Pink Lemonade.

Both owners were so kind and welcoming, explaining every single detail you wanted to know about your coffee or tea and to top this incredible experience off, their music choice was lovely. A very relaxing playlist (Ed Sheeran included).

They also serve breakfast (from 9am) and brunch on Sunday (in between 10am and 1230pm). I definitely want to come back soon and order every single other drink on their menu.

Absolutely recommending this lovely, small coffee house. You will not be disappointed. Even if you’re by yourself and you need a relaxing break, there’s tons of magazines you can choose from to read while drinking your coffee or tea.

xoxo -N

San Francisco, I think I’m in love with you

I arrived pretty late last night and woke up a billion times because, of course, my jet lag. The hotel I’m staying at is lovely. Today I’ve been exploring on my own a little bit. I went to union square, walked around, got an American number (yay), had lunch at chipotle (double yay) and walked over to the bus stop that was driving to the Golden Gate Bridge. I met a lovely lady from Brazil on my way to the bus who was also on her way to the bridge. We decided to go together and we got some fun photos. It’s a pretty foggy day so I’m hoping for a bit more sun tomorrow.

I’m currently enjoying some free wifi at Macys. I’m heading back later to the hotel, to catch another shuttle to Fishermans Wharf.

My friend, Casey, who I’m doing the road trip with arrives tomorrow morning so we get to explore together. We’re definitely going back to the bridge, and ride a cable car (they broke down earlier today, just my luck ha!)

Everyone seems to be super nice here. So friendly and helpful. After we wanted to catch a bus back from the bridge to union square the bus driver asked us where we were from and we said Brazil and Belgium and he let us on for free. It’s all about the little things in life, no?

I’m excited to sleep some more tonight and I’ll post more photos soon.

San Francisco, I heart you already.

xo naomi