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A love letter to Sevilla


I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla. The city that inspired me from the second I set foot in Spain. The wonderful people who seem to be living with no stress, even when life isn’t always easy. The siestas and the sangrias. The sun. Sevilla made me smile. Made me realize that no matter what happens in my life, the world is absolutely beautiful and magnificent. The world is inspiring, the world is incredible. Spain is incredible. I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla. I remember eating tapas for just a couple euros. I remember waking up and the Cathedral being the first thing I see when walking outside. The people I’ve met along the way. I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla because Sevilla allowed me to be inspired again. Sevilla showed me I would be okay even when everything isn’t okay. And most importantly. Sevilla told me it would always be there.

Reales Alcázares, the prettiest place on earth

Reales Alcázares also known as The Alcázar of Seville also known as the Royal Palace also known as my new favorite place on earth. I have to thank Sarah Says for this because we at first didn’t think about taking a ton of time out to visit this place, but then I remembered Sarah’s blogpost about Real Alcázar and I knew I would need more time.

We went very early in the morning, I’m certain we entered just a couple minutes after they opened up the doors and I am very happy we did because just a few hours after we got there (yes we stayed there forever) it got super busy.

We walked through the doors and I was already amazed by how beautiful everything looked like. However I wasn’t too surprised because I feel like everything in Sevilla is stunning and I’m sure everything who has visited this city before knows how I feel.

They created plans to build this magnificent place back in 913. Yes, 913. They continued working on it in the 11th century. After the “Reconquest of Sevilla” by Fernando III el Santo in 1248, the history was interwoven with the deeds of the Kings of Castile. And in the 14th century they made it even bigger & even more impressive. They continued to add more details in the 16th century. Pedro I, known by some as “the cruel” would eventually leave a lasting mark on this palace. This palace is the creation of different kings and times. And that’s exactly why it’s so impressive. It’s so detailed you have to stop every five seconds. The handwork that can be found here is just incredible.

Fun detail: the King & Queen stay here when they visit Sevilla.

From the small hallways to pretty much everything else. So stunning. But then.. then we entered the gardens and my jaw dropped. I felt like I just entered real life jungle book. Oh My God. This place is not just a Royal Palace, this place feels like a completely different world. I must have taken over 300 photos of this stunning palace alone.

I especially enjoyed walking around both the gardens of the palace because even without a guide, there was plenty of information to be found everywhere both in English & Spanish.

We also ended up having lunch at the cafeteria in the garden and at the moment I realized how incredibly lucky I was to be there, with a new friend, eating a delicious sandwich & a great cup of tea, while staring out into the garden.

For more details definitely visit their official website. This is not just a place you have to visit, this is THE place you have to visit. Reales Alcázares is, next to the Point Lobos State Reserve in Monterrey (California), my favorite place in the world and easily my favorite place in Sevilla.

I honestly forgot how much tickets were but I think I paid around €10 for mine and my friend who’s still a student barely paid €2.. Once again a huge discount for students, so don’t forget your id + student card and take advantage of this!

Have you ever been before? How incredible does this place look?

PS- I tried posting every single day of the week but if I wanna continue to post interesting, or at least I hope I am posting interesting things, content I’ll have to slow it down a tad so I’ll be uploading a new blogpost 4/5 times a week now!

Sevilla, España

Sevilla.. What a city. What a place. I can barely put into words how I feel about this magical kingdom. I’ve always had a love for Spain, the Spanish language and the general way of living (think about siestas and minimum of stress). Before I got there I read all about this stunning city and my expectations were pretty high. Is Seville worth visiting? AB-SO-LU-TLEY (did I do that right?)

I took over a thousand photos in just 5 days, (I have a new camera, still learning.. oops) don’t worry I won’t upload ’em all and I will try my hardest to select the best photos. My original plan was to write two blogs about my (perfect) holiday, but soon I realized there was no way I would be able to fit everything into two blogs. Unless I would make ’em extra long and ain’t nobody got time for that.

During the upcoming days (and weeks) you’ll be able to read the following blogs:

– A love letter to Sevilla
– Cathedral + the Giralda Bell Tower
– Reales Alcázares
– Parque de María Luisa + Plaza de España
– La Banda Rooftop Hostel
– Food & drinks

I’m really excited to share my stories and I hope I get to inspire you to visit my absolute favorite city in this world. This city took my breath away. And I hope my blogs about this place will take your breath away too.

Let me know what you definitely want to read!