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Create your own good vibes jar!

So I recently bought two jars, you know, the hipster type of jars people end up drinking hot chocolate out of. I use one of them to drink gin tonic in. See, super useful. But then I still had one extra jar and I thought it’d a cool idea to put good things that happened to me in a jar. I think I must have seen this idea somewhere before and I loved it.

So I started writing down some great memories I’ve created over the past month and a half on a little paper. I will continue to do this whenever I experience something great in 2015. I think I will open the jar at the end of the year, or when I’m feeling a little down and need some positive energy.

All you need is (love):

  • a jar
  • paper
  • scissors
  • a pen

Have you ever created a similar jar? Let’s spread some positive energy into the world and our own lives!