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Artist to Discover: Louisa Wendorff

Music has been and will always be one of the most important parts of my life. I am always searching for “new” talents & new music. I want to start sharing some of my favorite, (fairly new), artists or bands with you.

Today I am starting with one of the most intriguing voices I’ve heard in a really, really long time. Her name’s Louisa Wendorff.

© facebook Louisa Wendorff

I “discovered” Louisa when everyone kept on posting her video of her mash-up of two Taylor Swift songs. I’d put into words how incredible that cover is, but I quite frankly can’t find the right words. She writes her own songs, released an EP in june called Arrow and uploads the most wonderful covers. My favorite is the mash-up she made of Pretty Hurts / Try / Who You Are by Beyoncé, Colbie Caillat & Jessie J.

Buy her EP on iTunes & follow her on her social media accounts to stay up to date with this incredibly talented lady! Have you heard about Louisa before? Who are you listening to right now?

If You’re Reading This You’re Too Late and other new music releases!

If you know me well, you know I have the most diverse taste in music, like.. ever? I can be listening to Jeff Buckley one moment and switch to Taylor Swift just a little later. Today I wanted to talk about some new releases from this past month, including Drake’s new album “If You’re Reading This You’re Too Late“.

I don’t listen to rap that often, unless it’s Drake, really. AND THIS GENIUS decided to pull a Beyoncé and release an incredible new album. Without any announcements he told everyone they’re too late. The album contains 17 (!) new tracks. They’re very Drake sounding so I personally don’t think he stepped too far away from his comfort zone. However you don’t have to change great things. My favorites on this album are “Legend” & “Know Yourself”. Definitely worth checking out if you are into rap and r&b.

Next up is Rihanna‘s (and ugh, Kanye West, I really dislike this man) new song featuring living legend, Sir Paul McCartney. It’s called “FourFiveSeconds” and it kind of sounds like it was recorded on a drunken Friday night and it should have never seen the light of day and that’s exactly the reason why it works so well. I must have listened to it about a hundred times already (I told you about the issue I have when I really like a song).

And last but not least, the soundtrack of the most anticipated movie of early 2015, the soundtrack of Fifty Shades Of Grey. I have to admit, I totally read all 3 books of the series and even though I wasn’t blown away by the writing style, I was definitely curious and I wanted to see the movie. I started reading reviews and I wasn’t so convinced anymore. BUT let’s talk about the soundtrack of this movie. I’m a huge The Weeknd fan and as soon as I figured he wrote a song for the soundtrack I knew I’d love it. The Weeknd’s “Earned It” is a classic Abel song and he killed it. He also has another song featured on this album, equally as great. Ellie Goulding‘s “Love Me Like You Do” is a super catchy song as well and I think it matches pretty good with Ana’s character. You can also find other artists like Sia, The Rolling Stones & Frank Sinatra on the record. So who knows, I have a feeling the soundtrack might be way better than the actual movie.

What are your favorite new releases of February so far? Are you planning to watch Fifty Shades or are you not interested at all? Oh and except for Rihanna’s new release you can listen to both albums on Spotify for free as well!

February Playlist 2015

It’s February so that means it’s time for yet another playlist! I once again tried to make a fun mix between older & newer songs. And this time around I included a few incredible covers from some mind-blowingly talented artists. My favorite song included in this month’s playlist is hands down The Civil Wars‘ cover of Billie Jean by the King. MAX’ & Alyson Stoner’s cover of Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood is also absolutely beautiful.


1. When We Were On Fire – James Bay
2. Wild Ones – Bahari
3. Home/Dirty Paws – Gardiner Sisters
4. XO – John Mayer
5. Undress – Oscar and the Wolf
6. Jealous – Nick Jonas
7. Billie Jean – The Civil Wars
8. Maps – Corey Gray, Ali Bru
9. Break The Rules – Charli XCX
10. Hold Back The River – James Bay
11. Night Changes – One Direction
12. Cherry Wine – Hozier
13. Blame It on Me – George Ezra
14. Princes – Oscar and the Wolf
15. Berlin – RY X
16. Skinny Love – Bon Iver
17. Sweater Weather – Alyson Stoner & MAX
18. Tequilla Sunrise – Emblem3
19. Heart – Flor
20. Chandelier – Sia

Who are your favorite “YouTube” artists? Anyone I should listen to?

PS- don’t forget to click on the music tab! You’ll be able to find the previous playlists there.

Music, music & music!

I was going to blog about what to pack for vacation today since I leave for Sevilla on Thursday but I got really sick last night and I’ve been feeling absolutely terrible the entire day. I haven’t really left my couch unless to.. Well yeah. That. Sorry. Way too much information. Anyway. I will still blog about that subject, but it will most likely be for when I get back next week. So today I just wanted to share a blog I kept as a draft for a while!

Music is my favorite thing in the world, well next to traveling. I used to do freelance/voluntarily work  for a music & entertainment website. I wrote tons of reviews and got to interview some incredible musicians. My passion for music only grew when I met more people in the industry and pretty much attended a concert every week. I also got to join some friends on tour and create the best memories.


So I decided to include music a little bit more into my blog & write posts about artists I think you all need to discover, concerts you need to attend in Belgium, etc! I created a music page (go check it out!) where you’ll be able to check out the monthly playlists I make on Spotify, reviews of albums & more!

Let me know what you would love to see on my blog, besides music, as well.

Favorite albums of 2014

The end of the year is near and I think it’s a great time to talk about my five favorite albums released this year. You will have noticed before that I love all types of music, my spotify ‘most listened to’ list is always very, very different.

5. Taylor Swift – “1989”
I’m not the biggest Taylor fan but holy, this album is just GREAT pop music. From start to finish, every song is incredible. I think I must have listened to Are We Out of The Woods at least 149 times (yes I just checked iTunes). Taylor obviously works with some of the best songwriters but I don’t think anyone expected this. My favorite songs are Blank Space (because, of course), Wonderland (the hook & chorus are the catchiest things you’ll hear all day) and I Wish You Would. She’s no longer country but I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.

“Well could’ve been easy, all you had to do was stay”

4. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness”
Andrew is an incredible singer-songwriter, previously a part of Something Corporate & Jack’s Mannequin. And his new project is pure excellence. Wikipedia describes it as “alternative rock” and it’s definitely different, but so good different. “Cecilia and the Satellite”, the first single of the album, is probably one of my favorite songs of 2014. Try working out to this, trust me, you will enjoy working out a whole lot more. Really upbeat and fun. Favorite songs are Cecillia, All Our Lives & See Her On The Weekend.

“How a face can change when a heart knows fear”

3. Bleachers – “Strange Desire”
I LOVE THIS BAND. A friend of mine introduced me to them a few months ago. Every song of this album is so good I change favorites every time I listen to it. Right now I’d have to say Wake Me is my #1 but I’m sure Rollercoaster will take it’s spot tomorrow. Now I’m patiently waiting for them to hit up Europe, or tour America when I’m back. I guess I would describe it as an alternative pop record, with a little bit of rock mixed into it. I’m sure it sounds a whole lot different live though. Definitely the best band I discovered in the past year, what a beauty.

“And hey I can’t believe I captured your heart”

2. Ed Sheeran – “X”
This man has been one of my favorites for years. I still remember going to Lowlands with Saskia, we watched the show from sidestage and my mind was blown. After the show we walked backstage and ended up passing Ed and I just had to say hello and tell him how impressed I was. He was the nicest human and so humble. I recently saw him perform in a sold out Forest National and it was probably my favorite performance, ever. His newest album “X”, released over the Summer is BRILLIANT. Tenerife Sea is most likely one of the most beautiful songs ever written and the romantic side of me would love to get married to this. I was obsessed with “+” for a really long time and I will be obsessed with this one until his next one comes out.

“Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me”

1. Damien Rice – “My Favourite Faded Fantasy”
I think it’s pretty clear why he waited/needed years. This entire album sounds like the worst heartbreak someone can go through, I guess we all went there at one point. When I first listened to the album I just sobbed through the entire thing. He has this way with words, I can’t quite explain it. He knows how to explain the most painful feelings you can have. My favorite songs are Colour Me In, The Box & The Greatest Bastard. But I guess I appreciate all songs equally as much.

“I reached out to undress it and love let me down”

What are YOUR favorite albums from 2014?

xoxo -N

Christmas Playlist 2014!

I’m obsessed with Christmas music. I could (and would) listen to it all year round if it was socially acceptable. But since it’s December it’s finally allowed. I created a little Christmas playlist (mostly for myself) and I thought I’d share it. You can listen to it on Spotify (link HERE) or download/buy the songs yourself.


1. Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World
2. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – N Sync
3. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
4. Silent Night – Damien Rice
5. Christmas Lights – Yellowcard
6. That’s Christmas To Me – Pentatonix
7. What Christmas Means To Me – Stevie Wonder
8. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – Jackson 5
9. Christmas Without You – One Republic
10. Sleigh Ride – Hilary Duff
11. Santa Baby – Kylie Minogue
12. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Pentatonix
13. Underneath the Tree – Kelly Clarkson
14. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Christina Aguilera
15. Christmas Lights – Coldplay
16. 8 Days of Christmas – Destiny’s Child
17. Why Couldn’t It Be Christmas Every Day – Bianca Ryan
18. Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Pentatonix
19. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Frank Sinatra
20. All I Want for Christmas is You – Fifth Harmony

What are your favorite Christmas songs? (Because my list is actually never ending if I’m being completely honest)

xoxo -N