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A love letter to Sevilla


I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla. The city that inspired me from the second I set foot in Spain. The wonderful people who seem to be living with no stress, even when life isn’t always easy. The siestas and the sangrias. The sun. Sevilla made me smile. Made me realize that no matter what happens in my life, the world is absolutely beautiful and magnificent. The world is inspiring, the world is incredible. Spain is incredible. I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla. I remember eating tapas for just a couple euros. I remember waking up and the Cathedral being the first thing I see when walking outside. The people I’ve met along the way. I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla because Sevilla allowed me to be inspired again. Sevilla showed me I would be okay even when everything isn’t okay. And most importantly. Sevilla told me it would always be there.

Parque de María Luisa + Plaza de España

Plaza de España is rated the number one attraction to visit in Sevilla and I completely understand why, however I have a different number one. You can visit the Plaza for free and considering it got rated so high on tripadvisor I went there the first morning. The sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold so I had an incredible time. The Plaza was designed by Aníbal González and he is Sevilla’s best known twentieth-century architect. The entire main building is made out of brick, but beautifully decorated by ceramics. The Plaza starts and ends with two massive towers.

You can walk from the center of the plaza to the other sides, connected by adorable bridges. You can even rent a little boat and relax on the water, while looking at this stunning place.

I think I must have spend at least 3 hours there because every single detail of this place was just too beautiful to ignore.

Plaza de España is located in the Parque de María Luisa and walking through the park is an experience on its own. It’s a beautiful, very relaxing area with a couple cute restaurants and a touristic/information desk. I picked up a map & a couple other things to make sure I wouldn’t get completely lost in this city. (Thank God for Google Maps)

As mentioned before no fees have to be paid to enter Parque de María Luisa or Plaza de España so I definitely recommend going here to relax and take all the photos. And with all the photos I actually do mean ALL the photos.

Have you heard about this plaza before? If you’ve been already, what did you think about this stunning place?

Leaving for Spain today!

I am leaving for Spain today (I’m so excited) so I scheduled a few posts for the upcoming days. I will have tons of new things to blog about after I get back & I can not wait to share my (hopefully very fun & exciting) stories and photos.

I’ll be uploading photos, taken with my iPhone, on my instagram account & will be tweeting whenever I have the chance. Feel free to follow me on both if you want to stay updated while I’m gone. You know, in case you miss my blogs… Juuust kidding.

Ps- I have no idea how in the world I was able to pack for five days, while everything fits in this tiny (hand luggage) suitcase. I think I officially mastered packing.

Been there, done that tag

I love reading about everyone’s travel dreams & plans. It inspires me so much and I instantly want to start planning another vacation. I recently came along a wonderful Dutch blog called All Lovely Things and Mandy, the owner, posted a very fun travel tag. I loved the questions so much so I thought answering them would make a fun blog! Which countries have you been to? I’ve been to, I hope I don’t forget any, the Netherlands, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Italy, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, North America, South America, Brazil, South Africa, Luxembourg & Monaco. Oh and I’ve traveled to 15 different states in the US as well.

What is your dream destination? Australia. I’ve been dreaming about visiting for the longest time and hopefully I’ll get to go soon.

What is your most ideal vacation? (beach vacation, shopping trip, cultural vacation, etc.) An exploring type of vacation. I can’t stay on the beach all the time, although I love the beach, because that’s too boring for me. I want to explore, see things, eat new food, meet new people.

Which place has been so special you’d love to visit it again? Probably, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). That place just left its mark on me.

Show us your favorite vacation photo This is so hard! Aaahhh I have so many favorite vacation photos. But I think this is my favorite one, or one of my favorite photos. The timing was perfect. The sun was setting. This was taken on top of the Rockefeller Center with a view of Downtown NY & the Empire State Building.

Have you traveled for work before to a fun destination? If yes, where? I wish.. Hopefully & maybe in the future. That’d be an absolute dream. Combining both traveling & working. That way I never have to work a day again.

Who are you usually traveling with? Usually all alone, but I (most of the time) travel to places where I have friends so I travel by myself but I meet up & stay with my friends when I get to my destination.

Who would you loved to go on vacation with? (this can be everybody: a family member, a friend or a famous person) Someone, this may be someone I know or not, who loves to explore & do things that aren’t always touristy. Someone who’s not afraid to try new foods and to just have a generally good & exciting time.

Who or what would you bring with you to a deserted island? Food.. Because I really can’t see myself catching fish and cook it. Sunglasses because I’m practically blind in the sun and a blanket for colder evenings.

Have you traveled in your own country before? If yes, where? Traveling? Not really, but I enjoy exploring cities nearby. Like Bruges, Ghent & Antwerp! The photo below was taken in Ghent on a cold, but lovely Fall day.

Do you prefer an amusement park or a zoo? Amusement park hands down. I’m kind of against zoos. I understand why zoos exist but half of the time the animals are in very poor condition and I love animals too much to see them behind bars & windows.

Would you rather go on a ski holiday or a summer vacation? Summer vacation because I LOVE THE SUN and the heat so much. I really am not a winter person and although I went skiing once and I loved it, I’d rather be somewhere where I don’t have to wear seven coats & twelve pairs of socks in order to survive.

What is your favorite vacation memory?  I have so many ahhh. Visiting the redeemer in Rio was one of them. Randomly & unexpectedly seeing Gotye in NYC. Celebrating my 18th birthday in Los Angeles, overlooking the skyline. Oh and every time I get to visit a Disney park. The photo below is one of the foggy skyline of Los Angeles after hiking up to the Griffith Observatory!


What is your least favorite vacation memory?  I have two. The first one was the most recent one. I was volunteering in South Africa with wild cats back in March of 2014. I got a massive sunburn the first day and I ended up having a really bad reaction/allergy/I still don’t know what it was to the heat, the sun and the sunburn so one day it got so bad I had to stay inside. And that was the last thing I wanted to do, stay inside while I could have been spending my time with lions.

The other one was when I was attempting to fly back from Rio to NYC and my flight got cancelled. They announced the cancellation about 30 minutes before our flight was supposed to take off. I ended up having to wait at the airport for a good FIVE HOURS in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT before they were able to put me on another flight the next day. It was miserable, I was forced to take a taxi, in Portuguese (I don’t speak Portuguese), at 3am, back to my friend’s house.

 Where are you going to this year?  Right now I only have one mini vacation planned, a couple days getaway to Sevilla, Spain. I’m applying for several jobs so I hope I get to start working soon. If I end up not finding a job just yet I’m sure I’ll end up traveling a bit more.

Where would you never go on vacation?  I really want to see as much as possible from this world but besides seeing the Taj Mahal I don’t really want to visit India. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind about this.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of these questions & feel free to also blog about this travel tag! I want to read your answers too!

January updates!

(I reorganized my desk today, it feels & looks so much better)

I was listening to Christmas music like, yesterday. So I can’t quite believe it’s February in just a couple days.

I’ve gotten so many kind & lovely messages from all of you over the past couple of weeks and it only inspired me to improve my writing, the topics I blog about & the look & design of my blog. I will start working on a complete new look for Naomi in Wonderland very soon. I am also upgrading on wordpress so I can actually completely change every single detail myself!

In the meantime I also updated & refreshed the following pages

• about
• photos
• travel tips
• contact
• partner blogs

Several blogposts have received a pretty big response, both in views & comments, so that makes it easier for me to know what you want me to blog about and it’s always nice reading kind things. In case you’ve missed any of my personal favorite posts of January, go check ’em out!

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Thank you for reading and here’s to an even better February!

Liebster Award Nomination

I’m still very new to the whole blogging community so I didn’t even know about this until the wonderful Dora (thank you lady!) from Bangs Bang nominated me for a Liebster Award!

So Liebster Awards are rewarded to bloggers, from other bloggers, with less than 200 followers. When you’re nominated you nominate 11 other bloggers yourself, so that way you get to know and discover more (new) bloggers.

So these are the so called ‘rules’, they’re very simple! You have to mention the person who nominated you on your blog & link them, you answer 11 questions set by the one who nominated you. You end up nominating 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers, so newer blogs I’m assuming and link them. (I hope I got this right since I don’t know how you can figure out how many followers someone has) Create your own 11 new questions to answer. And of course, let the nominees know they’ve been nominated!

So here are my answers to Dora’s questions!

1. What made you start a blog?
Inspired by one of my best friends, Marlies, who started a travel blog. I’ve started blogs several times before but I wanted to actually make something of this one. I started in February 2014, but I didn’t really update the blog until last December. I like blogging because I love writing. And I love that other people seem to enjoy my writing as well.

2. If you could live in any country, which country would that be?
Either America, preferably California, or Spain.

3. If you could be the main character of a book (imaginary or not), which one would that be?
Oliva Pope. Because she’s just bad-ass. Wait Scandal is just a TV show right? I read tons of books but I can’t really think about a character..

4. You most beloved song that you would play on repeat for ever?
Easiest question for me to answer in the world. Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah (originally by Leonard Cohen). It’s my favorite song in the whole wide world and I will never get bored of listening to is. Fun fact: I have “Minor Fall, Major Lift” tattooed on my right ribcage.

5. The biggest dream you want to realize?
I have tons of dreams.. I guessss the biggest one is that I one day get to open up a 360° management/record label. But I also want to travel the world. And move to Spain. Speak fluent Spanish. Live in the LA area. Adopt wolves. I have dreams so big they scare me. But I like it that way.

6. Top three favorite foods.
Belgian French Fries with mayo, Green Fish Curry from a restaurant in Ostend called St-Malo & sushi.

7. Long or short hair?
Difficult question. I prefer long hair for myself but I LOVE short hair on pretty much anyone else.

8. Are you a family or a career person?
Definitely a career person. Like I mentioned before, I have so many dreams I still want to accomplish. I’m sure that one day I’ll have a little family of my own and I absolutely adore my family members, but for now I want to go for my dreams.

9. Black or white?
Black. (Until they create a colour darker than black)

10. What camera do you use?
Nikon D3200 & iPhone 5c

11. Favorite style/fashion blog?
Too many. I already had a hard time picking out 11 nominees for this award.

And last but definitely not least. My eleven nominations & my questions for them!

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1. What’s the story behind your blog name?
2. If you could travel anywhere in this world, where would you travel to?
3. Morning or evening person?
4. Do you prefer Coca Cola or Pepsi?
5. Who’s your biggest inspiration in life?
6. What is your favorite thing to do on a cold Winter evening?
7. Are you a cat or dog person?
8. What movie could you watch over and over again?
9. Best vacation you’ve ever been on?
10. Coffee or tea?
11. What do you want to accomplish in 2015?