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February updates!

As if January didn’t pass by quickly enough, February definitely did. Although, in February’s defense, it’s missing some days. I always feel a little bad for those who’s birthday is on the 29th. When do you celebrate then? I always celebrate my birthday for a good month, you know, I just keep on using the “it’s almost my birthday” or “it was my birthday the other day” excuse. Either way, February was a pretty, pretty GREAT month.

(Took this on the boardwalk in Ostend, the sunsets are finally returning)

I did a lot of things, including visiting Sevilla (I’m sure you’ve been able to read all about that gorgeous place on my blog) & visiting the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen to cheer on my favorites (Real Madrid CF) while they were playing their first round of 18 game versus Schalke 04 (spoiler alert: we won and there may or may not be a video on the world wide web of the second goal with an embarrassing Naomi screaming in the background) (I get pretty intense when it comes to sports or anything I love, really).

I’m still on the search for a job, being a graduate is pretty rough at times. So if you want to hire me… Kidding. But only sort of.

I’ve received so many comments over the past couple of weeks, thank you endlessly for visiting, reading & commenting on my posts. I appreciate it more than I can say. You are all wonderful humans and I heart you all. I am still trying my hardest to reply to every single comment & visit your blog as well of course. So feel free to leave your URLS behind. 

The new look is also on it’s way, you may have noticed a different header for now, and I’m excited to (most likely) launch it in March, if not next month then April! 

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Go check ’em out if you haven’t read these already!

And lastly but not least, I finally am updating consistently on the Facebook page I created for Naomi in Wonderland, so pretty please with a cherry on top, go check it out & give it a like!

Visit the Santiago Bernabéu and watch Real Madrid play!

I’m a (huge) Real Madrid fan and I recently (back in September) went to my first game of Los Blancos, in Madrid. I planned the entire trip myself, from buying a ticket to booking my flight & hotel and I’d like to share some of my knowledge with you, if you’re interested in ever visiting the stadium and going to a game!


I booked a flight before I booked my actual match ticket, a bit of a risk you never know whether it might sell out, but the flight prices were so low I couldn’t wait. I flew with RyanAir  and payed around 50/60 euros roundtrip from Brussels (yes it’s so cheap, pretty ridiculous actually. I definitely would suggest a budget airline if you’re flying from any city in Europe since the flight will most likely be pretty short and why would you spend extra money on flights? Exactly. Luggage wasn’t included but I only went for one night so I just brought a backpack.


I bought my ticket to the game a day before the actual on-sale date because I’m a “Madrisdista“, member of the fan club. Even if you’re not the biggest fan but you have plans to buy tickets to games every now, then I’d suggest joining the fan club. You get access to the tickets a day before (at least) so you’re almost certain of tickets, even if it’s a bigger game. I paid €60 and had the most incredible seat. In between the corner flag and the goal, around row 10. I liked it since I could see the entire game, yet was really close to the players. If you don’t want to join the fanclub you can buy tickets through their official website here! Tickets are usually available about a week before the game, so that’s the only “annoying” thing.


I stayed at Hostal Falfes, private room with a shared bathroom, which was obviously no problem, especially because you walked into the bathroom and you could completely lock the bathroom too. So pretty private either way. The price was ridiculously cheap. Around €25 a night… It was really clean & quite. The manager was really nice, didn’t speak a word English so that was definitely a little challenge since I don’t really speak Spanish. But it wasn’t a problem and overall had an incredible stay. Ten minute walk from the Bernabéu, 20 minutes from the airport by subway (10 minute walk to the subway) and lots of stores & restaurants around. Also really close to the city center and so much cheaper. Definitely recommending this if you’re traveling on a budget!

Stadium Tour

ABSOLUTELY recommending doing the stadium tour, éven if you’re not a fan and you’re just in Madrid on vacation. Tickets are €19 unless you’re a Madridista then it’s €13 and can be bought here or you can just buy them at the stadium. The tour is incredible, starting with a panorama view of the entire stadium and then you (almost literally) walk through the history of the club. Lots of entertainment in between, videos, trophies and more and near the end of the tour you get to walk on the pitch, sort of, through their dressing rooms (!) and more. I’ve had a blast and will go again when I’m back. Must-do activity when in Madrid. The tour ends in their Adidas store where you can get your jersey and more Los Blancos goodies. xoxo -N

10 things about me

1. I will forever love Coca Cola, I tried to stay away from it and I tried not drinking it for 30 days (I succeeded) but I just need to drink it every now & then

2. Sometimes I get lost on YouTube. I watch one Ellen video and before I know it, it’s 2am

3. I am that annoying person who will love a song so much it’s the only thing she listens to for weeks, on repeat

4. You will néver find anyone who loves Minions as much as I do (I am so in love with them) (I own four minions, Stuart, Party Stuart, Dave & another Dave, I really couldn’t justify buying a fifth one and being 23 years old at the same time)

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

5. Pitbull (the artist not the dog) is my biggest “guilty” pleasure. I don’t care how many people dislike him, I (not so) secretly absolutely love him

6. I will awkwardly squeal whenever I see a dog on the street and try to become friends with/pet the dog (oh hi there owner of the dog, I didn’t see you)

7. You can easily tell when I’m pissed off, I am so bad at hiding my feelings & emotions

8. I need at least an hour to properly wake up, like, just don’t talk to me when I get out of bed

grumpy2 grumpy1

9. Really wanted a Furbie when I was a little Naomi, I never got one and I am still traumatized

10. As much as I enjoy spending time with friends, I enjoy being alone more than anything. I recently booked a trip to Spain to go see Real Madrid play, all by myself, and I’ve had the best time I will probably do it again soon

xoxo -N