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Food and drinks in Sevilla

Tapas: “snacks, canapés or finger food” originated in Spain. I personally think tapas should be the only food you eat, ever. They’re small, usually very cheap yet delicious, meals and you can get a couple different things without having to pick just one. That’s probably my favorite part about Spanish food. I never know what to pick when reading a menu, so being able to pick more than one dish sounds like heaven to me.

When in Sevilla, eating was probably my favorite moment of the day. I stumbled upon so many wonderful places so I wanted to share my 3 favorite restaurants with all of you.

// Mercado Lonja del Barranco // Calle Arjona | S/N

This place is BY FAR my favorite market I’ve ever discovered. Located right next to the river it has a beautiful location. You can either eat inside or outside, both are equally as lovely. You can eat some of the most delicious meat, seafood, cheese, desserts & vegetables dishes. There were so many different stands I must have walked around this place at least 5 or 6 times. Do I get to mini burgers, or do I get a shrimp salad? Do I go for a cheese plate with a glass of wine or do I eat the traditional patatas bravos with a glass of sangria? DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM?


The tapas dishes are a little bit more expensive but the food you get is hands down some of the best food I feel like you can find in Sevilla. I know, I’m a little too enthusiastic but God, I love this market.

We ended up going there on two different days so I got 3 dishes in total. Prices of the dishes: €3-€4. I got a glass of sangria every time and that was only €2,5!

Definitely go visit their official website and read all about the story of this place. Oh and make sure you have some cash because some stands don’t accept cards if the total amount is less than €6!

// Bar Estrella // Calle de la Estrella, 3

One of my other favorite little restaurants in Sevilla is called Bar Estrella. We almost literally stumbled upon this place when walking towards Aire de Sevilla (incredible arabic baths). Their menu looked great so we had a late dinner here after visiting the Arabic baths. I ordered two dishes (pimiento piquillo relleno de bacalao/cod-stuffed piquillo peppers and pincho de pollo a la plancha/grilled chicken brochette). I paid €6,20 for both dishes… It’s almost a joke. And the portions were HUGE. The service wasn’t perfect, a little friendlier would have been great, but the food was so incredible I didn’t really care about that minor detail.

// Yamazaki // Plaza de la Encarnación

I’m a sushi lover, a massive sushi lover. I could eat it all day, every day and I’d totally be fine with that. The exterior and the terrace of Yamazaki looked so great we just had to have dinner here. The lady serving us was a gem, really nice and helped us out as much as possible in Spanish. I ordered 3 different things, because I was starving. Every sushi roll I had was so good. Very reasonable priced for the quality of the food you get, the amount of food & the service. I definitely recommend going here if you’re hungry & are craving sushi. You can combine grabbing lunch here and visiting the Metropol Parasol, also known as the Giant Mushrooms, the biggest wooden structure in the world.

Are you someone who will try out new things when traveling or do you play it safe and order things you already know?

A love letter to Sevilla


I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla. The city that inspired me from the second I set foot in Spain. The wonderful people who seem to be living with no stress, even when life isn’t always easy. The siestas and the sangrias. The sun. Sevilla made me smile. Made me realize that no matter what happens in my life, the world is absolutely beautiful and magnificent. The world is inspiring, the world is incredible. Spain is incredible. I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla. I remember eating tapas for just a couple euros. I remember waking up and the Cathedral being the first thing I see when walking outside. The people I’ve met along the way. I’m writing a love letter to Sevilla because Sevilla allowed me to be inspired again. Sevilla showed me I would be okay even when everything isn’t okay. And most importantly. Sevilla told me it would always be there.

Reales Alcázares, the prettiest place on earth

Reales Alcázares also known as The Alcázar of Seville also known as the Royal Palace also known as my new favorite place on earth. I have to thank Sarah Says for this because we at first didn’t think about taking a ton of time out to visit this place, but then I remembered Sarah’s blogpost about Real Alcázar and I knew I would need more time.

We went very early in the morning, I’m certain we entered just a couple minutes after they opened up the doors and I am very happy we did because just a few hours after we got there (yes we stayed there forever) it got super busy.

We walked through the doors and I was already amazed by how beautiful everything looked like. However I wasn’t too surprised because I feel like everything in Sevilla is stunning and I’m sure everything who has visited this city before knows how I feel.

They created plans to build this magnificent place back in 913. Yes, 913. They continued working on it in the 11th century. After the “Reconquest of Sevilla” by Fernando III el Santo in 1248, the history was interwoven with the deeds of the Kings of Castile. And in the 14th century they made it even bigger & even more impressive. They continued to add more details in the 16th century. Pedro I, known by some as “the cruel” would eventually leave a lasting mark on this palace. This palace is the creation of different kings and times. And that’s exactly why it’s so impressive. It’s so detailed you have to stop every five seconds. The handwork that can be found here is just incredible.

Fun detail: the King & Queen stay here when they visit Sevilla.

From the small hallways to pretty much everything else. So stunning. But then.. then we entered the gardens and my jaw dropped. I felt like I just entered real life jungle book. Oh My God. This place is not just a Royal Palace, this place feels like a completely different world. I must have taken over 300 photos of this stunning palace alone.

I especially enjoyed walking around both the gardens of the palace because even without a guide, there was plenty of information to be found everywhere both in English & Spanish.

We also ended up having lunch at the cafeteria in the garden and at the moment I realized how incredibly lucky I was to be there, with a new friend, eating a delicious sandwich & a great cup of tea, while staring out into the garden.

For more details definitely visit their official website. This is not just a place you have to visit, this is THE place you have to visit. Reales Alcázares is, next to the Point Lobos State Reserve in Monterrey (California), my favorite place in the world and easily my favorite place in Sevilla.

I honestly forgot how much tickets were but I think I paid around €10 for mine and my friend who’s still a student barely paid €2.. Once again a huge discount for students, so don’t forget your id + student card and take advantage of this!

Have you ever been before? How incredible does this place look?

PS- I tried posting every single day of the week but if I wanna continue to post interesting, or at least I hope I am posting interesting things, content I’ll have to slow it down a tad so I’ll be uploading a new blogpost 4/5 times a week now!

Parque de María Luisa + Plaza de España

Plaza de España is rated the number one attraction to visit in Sevilla and I completely understand why, however I have a different number one. You can visit the Plaza for free and considering it got rated so high on tripadvisor I went there the first morning. The sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold so I had an incredible time. The Plaza was designed by Aníbal González and he is Sevilla’s best known twentieth-century architect. The entire main building is made out of brick, but beautifully decorated by ceramics. The Plaza starts and ends with two massive towers.

You can walk from the center of the plaza to the other sides, connected by adorable bridges. You can even rent a little boat and relax on the water, while looking at this stunning place.

I think I must have spend at least 3 hours there because every single detail of this place was just too beautiful to ignore.

Plaza de España is located in the Parque de María Luisa and walking through the park is an experience on its own. It’s a beautiful, very relaxing area with a couple cute restaurants and a touristic/information desk. I picked up a map & a couple other things to make sure I wouldn’t get completely lost in this city. (Thank God for Google Maps)

As mentioned before no fees have to be paid to enter Parque de María Luisa or Plaza de España so I definitely recommend going here to relax and take all the photos. And with all the photos I actually do mean ALL the photos.

Have you heard about this plaza before? If you’ve been already, what did you think about this stunning place?

Cathedral + the Giralda Bell Tower

The Santa Iglesia Cathedral is absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful. Located in the city centre, it is very easy to find. Back in 1401, so old right, they wanted to build a cathedral “so big, that once it were finished, those who saw it would think we were mad.” The stunning Gothic style cathedral is the largest in Spain and the 3rd largest in Christendom all around the world. The only two cathedrals bigger than the Santa Iglesia one are the one’s in Rome & London. So that alone was already super impressive to know.

Now let’s talk about the inside of the cathedral, I was trying to find the right words to describe it, but words aren’t enough. Not even all the photos I took are enough. I guess you just have to go inside and visit it to see yourself.

A very cool fact I didn’t know about before I got to Sevilla was that Cristopher Columbus left in Sevilla to go discover America. As if that wasn’t cool enough already, Cristopher’s “sepulchre” can be found inside the cathedral. His body had been buried in Santo Domingo and subsequently in Havana. In 1898 it was brought to the cathedral. History facts are fun.

Right next to, connected to the cathedral, you can find the bell tower. Erected by Hernán Ruiz in 1568. The Giralda’s bell tower can be reached by climbing tons of ramps running around the tower’s interior. When I say tons, I mean tons.. I felt like I finished a serious work out after we reached the top of the tower.. 34 ramps you guys. But the view was absolutely worth it. You can also see the Patio de los Naranjos from the top of the Giralda, later after going down again you can actually walk through the beautiful patio and have impressive views of the tower & the cathedral.

Opposite the cathedral you can see the Archbishop’s Palace. The residence of the prelate of Seville. A stunning “plaza” I must say. It’s very nice to relax & even the restaurants that can be found right there look like monuments and pieces of art.

Visiting the cathedral and the Giralda bell tower is an absolute must. Tickets are only €9 for adults and only €2 for students. I wish I was still a student at times like these. Tickets include both entrance to the cathedral & the Giralda tower.

Have you ever seen other impressive cathedrals?

Sevilla, España

Sevilla.. What a city. What a place. I can barely put into words how I feel about this magical kingdom. I’ve always had a love for Spain, the Spanish language and the general way of living (think about siestas and minimum of stress). Before I got there I read all about this stunning city and my expectations were pretty high. Is Seville worth visiting? AB-SO-LU-TLEY (did I do that right?)

I took over a thousand photos in just 5 days, (I have a new camera, still learning.. oops) don’t worry I won’t upload ’em all and I will try my hardest to select the best photos. My original plan was to write two blogs about my (perfect) holiday, but soon I realized there was no way I would be able to fit everything into two blogs. Unless I would make ’em extra long and ain’t nobody got time for that.

During the upcoming days (and weeks) you’ll be able to read the following blogs:

– A love letter to Sevilla
– Cathedral + the Giralda Bell Tower
– Reales Alcázares
– Parque de María Luisa + Plaza de España
– La Banda Rooftop Hostel
– Food & drinks

I’m really excited to share my stories and I hope I get to inspire you to visit my absolute favorite city in this world. This city took my breath away. And I hope my blogs about this place will take your breath away too.

Let me know what you definitely want to read!

Leaving for Spain today!

I am leaving for Spain today (I’m so excited) so I scheduled a few posts for the upcoming days. I will have tons of new things to blog about after I get back & I can not wait to share my (hopefully very fun & exciting) stories and photos.

I’ll be uploading photos, taken with my iPhone, on my instagram account & will be tweeting whenever I have the chance. Feel free to follow me on both if you want to stay updated while I’m gone. You know, in case you miss my blogs… Juuust kidding.

Ps- I have no idea how in the world I was able to pack for five days, while everything fits in this tiny (hand luggage) suitcase. I think I officially mastered packing.

Sevilla on a budget!

The beginning of 2015 was pretty rough for me. Had a few huge disappointments, I lost all my confidence and I had to cancel a trip to Los Angeles I was looking forward to. I was sad, demotivated and bummed. But I got myself somewhat together again and gained confidence. I still wanted to get away for a few days though since I am no longer going to be in LA for 3 weeks. But considering I had to cancel LA, I am on a tight budget. An EXTREMELY tight budget.


I started my search on Ryanair to find out where I could fly to from Brussels without spending too much. I stumbled upon “Sevilla“. A place I’ve always wanted to visit. A return flight with Ryanair was only €50. I can barely buy a return train ticket to another city in my own country for the same amount. I then started looking for cheap, yet fun hostels in the city centre on Booking. And I found TONS. I ended up booking a bed at La Banda Hostal. The hostel has a 9.4/10 rating and the reviews completely convinced me to stay there.

(© Tourist Attraction)

So with a little help from family, February 5th I am packing my bags and I am flying to Sevilla for a couple days to clear my head and get back on track. The weather is supposed to be lovely, it’s a short flight from the African border and I have never been there before so I’m really excited to meet new people at the hostel, explore the city, drink wine, take tons of photos and have a relaxing week. I am convinced this trip will inspire me.

I’ll be blogging about how to pack for vacation in a couple days as well!

Have you ever been to Sevilla before? Anything I should definitely do or visit?