If I travel and I can’t stay with friends or when I don’t know anyone where I’m traveling to, I use the world wide web to find the perfect place budget & location wise.

My go-to website is Booking. Booking allows you to search in their database of almost 600.000 different hotels & hostels. You don’t pay any extra hidden fees when you book a room and everything is always very clear.

They often have incredible deals, whether its a last-minute or ‘genius’ deal.

Booking also confirms that most of the rooms come with free cancellation. This is always mentioned before you book a room.

I’ve never had ANY issues with Booking. Every reservation went through perfectly. Whenever I had to cancel a room with free cancellation I could do that without any problems.

When it comes to reviews from other guests, read them. And not just on Booking but on every single website where you can read reviews. A ho(s)tel sometimes has a 7.5 out of 10 which makes you think this might not be a perfect place for you. Every person has different ideas of what a perfect room should be like. I personally don’t spend a lot of time in my room, whether it’s a hostel or hotel, when I travel. So I don’t mind staying in a small, yet clean, room. But keep in mind other guests do mind. So they might have rated a perfectly fine hotel room with a 6, because the room was small, when everything else was just fine.

Keep in mind what you think is important when booking a room (location, close to public transportation, close to the airport, free wifi, breakfast included, lots of noise, big windows, etc..).

Don’t book a hotel room straight away if you think the price is too high. Especially if you still have some time before your vacation. Prices go up & down all the time. And there’s always a different hotel in the same area.

The last tip I can give to you when booking a room, always double check the price at the official website of the hotel/hostel. Booking is often cheaper than the original website, but every now & then the hotel offers a discount when you book through their website. Always worth checking out because you never now!

For more questions, feel free to hit me up & send me an e-mail. I’ll gladly help you out! Don’t forget to check out the travel category to see what individual blogposts I’ve posted!

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