There’s a (pretty big) chance flights will take a huge bite out of your budget, especially when you’re flying during the Summer or any vacation for that matter. Back when I first started traveling I discovered a website called, it’s a website where you can compare different airlines with each other. That way you’ll discover the best prices or schedules for you. I always use this website when I need to look up a new flight.

Tips on how to book the cheapest flight

1. Be flexible

Instead of using “exact dates” while flying, use the +/- 3 days button on the website (or any website for that matter). That way you might find out it’s 100 dollars cheaper to return a day later. Being flexible is always the way to go when you travel.

2. Try to switch airports (a different city might make it cheaper)

I live in Belgium so I usually fly out of Brussels, but sometimes it’s a lot cheaper to fly from Amsterdam. Amsterdam is an extra 2 hour drive or train ride but it can still make a huge difference in price sometimes. “Add nearby airports” might be really useful! Major cities usually have one or two extra airports.

3. Fly during the week

Flying during a weekend will most likely be more expensive, flights always seem to be cheaper if I fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday! But again, be flexible, see what works out best for you!

4. Pay attention to (local) holidays

This is something I discovered pretty quickly. It might just be a regular day in your country, but it could be an official holiday in the country you’re visiting. That way it will most likely be more expensive to travel there.

5. Go to the official website of the airline

After I find the perfect airline on I go to the official website of that airline. That way I can save miles + sometimes the rate is even cheaper on the official website.

6. Wait a little to book a flight

If you find flights but you think the price is still a bit high, wait a little and check back later. Flight prices go up and down! Kayak has this really cool feature called “price trend“. They can’t assure you prices will go up or down, but if the prices are too high for your budget it’s safe to say waiting is a good idea in this case below.

7. Save miles

SAVE MILES! Seriously, I wish I had done it sooner. When you become a member of an airline (this is usually free) you’re able to save miles if you fly with that airline. As soon as you’ve saved up miles you might get free upgrades, you’re able to use those miles for a free flight and more.

Yes, you have to fly quite often with the same airline, this is why I try to fly with Delta Airlines as much as possible, I have a lot of miles saved up, it’s definitely worth it! I was able to book my first free flight from New York to Chicago a couple years ago. I also got upgraded to first class. Thank you Delta miles.

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  3. I love your blog! I like how you have some travel tips in here <3 To check on flights, I use Expedia.